Massimo La Morgia

Systems LabComputer Science Department Sapienza University.


1st floor, Building F

Viale Regina Elena 295

00165 Rome, Italy

Hi all!

I’m Massimo La Morgia an Assistant Professor (RTD-A) at the Computer Science Department of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. I’m part of the SystemsLab a research group lead by prof. Alessandro Mei. My research interests include security & privacy, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, applied machine learning, computer science and human behaviour. If you are interested in my work and/or possible collaborations get in touch with me via email.


May 13, 2024 Our paper DARD: Deceptive Approaches for Robust Defense Against IP Theft has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (TIFS) :sparkles: :sparkles:
Jan 10, 2024 I will serve as Senior Program Committee (SPC) at IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS) 2024
May 11, 2023 Our paper It’s a Trap! Detection and Analysis of Fake on Telegram has been accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Web Services, IEEE ICWS ‘23 :sparkles: :sparkles:
Mar 11, 2023 Our paper A Game of NFTs: Characterizing NFT Wash Trading in the Ethereum Blockchain has been accepted at the International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 43rd IEEE ICDCS’23 :sparkles: :sparkles:
Mar 7, 2023 Our paper Ready, Aim, Snipe! Analysis of Sniper Bots and their Impact on the DeFi Ecosystem has been accepted at the International Workshop on Cryptoasset Analytics, TheWebConf - CAAW ‘23 :sparkles: :sparkles:
Jan 24, 2023 Our paper Translated Texts Under the Lens: From Machine Translation Detection to Source Language Identification has been accepted at the Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, IDA ‘23 :sparkles: :sparkles: